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Paris, New York, Vienna, Shanghai - Vladislava Yakovenko creates haunting portraits of big cities. Her colorful, lively landscapes of progressive metropolises are mysterious, massive, powerful and inaccessible, but also friendly, playful and dreamy.

Yakovenko succeeds in a wide variety of impressions in a changeable painting style. Sometimes expressive gestures, sometimes pastose and colored, create intense mood images. The alternation between an exact image and color field painting reaching up to abstraction in architectural motifs emphasizes the ambivalent character of urban density. And by varying the perspective, it can develop different relationships between the viewer and the urban landscapes.
In the midst of these urban spaces, as if zoomed in, female figures and portraits appear. Silently observing, dancing, making music or strolling around, they connect with the urban environment - on the surface and in the sensual depth below.

Vladislava Yakovenko's pictures come to the viewer in a lyrical language and intense sound images. They are complex, rhythmic harmonies in predominantly light, warm tones. And they reveal their great passion for a vital urban culture.

Street 10, 70x50

SKU: 671253175371
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