Iakovenko Vladyslava

I graduated from the Donetsk Art Scool 2003-2013

Kharkov Academy of Design and Art 2007-2011,Institute of decorative applied art  2011-2013. l participated in art exhibitions and social projects. I worked an artist illustrator for the publishing company "Family Leisure Club". I live and work in Bratislava Slovakia and Kharkov, Ukraine.


I cooperate with the gallery Fabra Ars in Germany Magdeburg.
Won a prize (Prix du Geant der Beaut-Arts .)at competitions in France. Concours international de peinture grand format en plain air Fourges .


Art fair:
Leipzig,Germani. 2015.
Leipzig,Germani. 2016.
Lausanne, Switzerland 2018
Biennale in Vicenza La Joie de Vivre! contemporary 2017
Montreux Switzerland 7-11 novembre 2018
Antwerp, Belgium 3F October 2018
Comiso Sicilia september 2018
Cannes 27.07-29.07. 2018 3F
Mulhouse november 2018
Luxembourg december 3F 2018
Los Angeles modern contemporary 23.02.2019

Personal exhibition :
14.12.2018-3.01.2019 Gallery Artifact, Manhattan , New York.
13.03.2018-13.04.2018 Women Faces in a big cities. KreativRaum Galeria Vienna.
10.11.2017-10.01.2018 Gallery Fabra Ars in Germany , Magdeburg
27.01.2016-27.03.2016 Gallery Castle in Bratislava.

Langenzersdorf Museum Austria, 15.01.2019-24.02.2019

other exhibition:
12.01.2019-25.01.2019 gallery KreativRaum , Vienna, Austria.
februar gallery Fabra ars , Magdebyrg , Germany.
6.04.2018-23.08.2018 Portoroz , Slovenia
6.04.2018-23.08.2017 Portoroz , Slovenia
01.02.2017-04.2017 Bratislava , gallery Savoy Building
20.12.2016 Bratislava Carlton
2016 Gallery Fabra Ars , Germany.
17.07.2016-30.08.2016 Portoroz Slovenia
16.06.2016-16.07.2016 Slovakia ,Nove Zamku 
19.05.2016-19.06.2016 Bratislava , Slovakia
17.01.2016-19.01.2016 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine . Ukraine, Kiev 
23.10.2015-23.11.2015 Bach 2015, Trnava Slovakia
02.09.2015-02.10.2015 Kharkov Ukraine, Gallery Costume Lane
10.07.2015-10.08.2015 Plastoc body, Gallery Paladium
17.06.2015-25.06.2015 open air Bratislava
20.04.2015-20.05.2015 Spring Dreams , Kharkov , Ukraine, Gallery Costume Lane
13.02.2015-13.03.2015 On the spirit f Freedom, Gallery Costume Lane, Ukraine, Kharkov

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