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Аrt Fair Leipzig

The Art Fair 2015 is a new project aiming to enrich the art scence of Leipzig, one of Saxony"s main cultural center, and to secure a place among Germany's largescale art fairs. The Leipzig Art Fair is comprised of different sectors. We will offer space for up-and-coming as well as for well-established galleries in order to presend various artistic positions to a broad audience.Whether you visit us for viewing or purchasing art, or simply for pleasure,you will find that the program of the Leipzig Art Fair Leipzig is equally appealing for art connoisseurs and art collectors. As we believe that quality beats quantity, the fair is restricted to 50 exhibitors.Instead, visitors should take the time to absorb and truly experience what they see. The Art Fair 2015 is supplemented by various performances meant to bring a lively, pleasant atmosphere to the exsibition space.

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